Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Our little Jake!!!

Hi! Right now I am sitting in my mom's room, waiting for my dad to get home from work. I'm hoping that he won't be too tired to show me how to post some pictures. I really can't wait until he does, because there are some cute pictures of my little brother, Jake. It is almost his 2nd birthday!! I can't believe it! He is getting SO big! He can talk, walk, dance (which is adorable!) , ride his little toddler bike and play the piano. Oh, and that isn't all! He can open the dishwasher and get on it so that he can reach his cup, chase our little Beagle and try to ride her, climb out of his crib, sneak outside whenever he finds that the back door has been left open, (and he is even starting to open it himself! oh no!) He can wrestle with his four brothers and daddy, or sit in the rocking chair with his four sisters or mommy. Oh, he is just a little rascal! (whoops! I forgot! Ben is the rascal and Jake is the hoss!) :)
We are all so blessed to have such an adorable little brother!

Oh, and my mom's birthday is coming up too, but as she has asked, I won't mention which one it is!! ;)

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