Saturday, August 25, 2007

Home School! Home School! We all scream for HomeSchool!!!

Who likes school? I love school!!!
I am weird I know, but school is so much fun!!!!:)
Most kids dread the first day of school, but
for our family it is like the last day of school. :)
School is the funnest thing to do!!!!
What is your favorite subject?
I love history, my next favorite you might think
I am weird, but my next favorite one is math.
Leave a comment and tell me what you like
about school! :)

Posted by "Neva".


Hannah and Geneva Morse said...

Here is a list of the things that I like about school:

- first of all, all of my classes are taught by my wonderful mother!
- I learn new things everyday
- the Lord has blessed my family so that I can enjoy learning all of those new things with each one of my eight siblings!
That isn't even half of all the things I love about it, but there isn't enough room here to list them all! :)


Christine said...

Hey, check out my daughter's blog. She's a homeschooler, too!

Rebekah S. said...

I completely agree with you, Hannah!! There are SO many reasons that I'm so thankful that I'm homeschooled, and so blessed to be!!

The Ambrosetti Family said...

That's funny that you like MATH!! I don't! :) I love reading!!!

see you tomorrow!!!

Hannah and Geneva Morse said...

I know! Isn't it funny? But, like she said, Geneva likes it! ;)

~ Hannah ~
P.S. Whenever Geneva posts, she will put "Posted by 'Neva'" at the bottom of the post, so that you know it was her.