Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Family walks!

We all just got back from a great walk down our road. Now, for those who don't know us very well, we love taking family walks! (Especially if we have a wagon to pull the little boys around in. It gets hard sometimes when we are having to stop every 5 minutes or so, so that they can catch up!:)

We had a lot of fun tonight! That is until we got a little ways down the road from our house and we started to smell something. And that something smelled real bad! Spencer says that it smelled like cucumbers... and I think that means rattle snake. I think. I hope not....
Thankfully we never saw that... thing. We just smelled it. Yuck!!!
In the end we had a wonderful time and we got home safely, that means without any knee scrapes, scratches, snake scares or bites.

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Rebekah S. said...

We really enjoy family walks as well!! It's a very special time!