Monday, September 3, 2007

Nap time at the Morses!

Everyday after lunch, the three little boys ( Corban, ben and Jake) take a nap.
But for some reason today they all looked SO cute laying in their beds that I just had to grab the camera and catch a few more memories!
Jake was in the cutest position.. isn't he?
Look at this little boy!

Corban looks like he's cold or something, which is really surprising!

I found out that the little boys weren't the only one's who were napping! This is one of our inside pets, Little Ann!
I peaked under our table and saw our other two inside pets asleep.
..and Snap!


And while they were all in deep slumber, the rest of us were enjoying time watching 'Little House on the Prairie'!
(And for those who are big fans of Little House, it might interest you to know that we own all nine seasons, including the three last shows that make the tenth!)


Rebekah S. said...

Those were SO cute!!

Little House on the Prairie is my all time favorite show!! I love it!! Right now on Hallmark channel, they're showing the ones where Almanzo has just come on the show. Those are the best episodes!! :) I love the dresses they all wear, too-they're so pretty and feminine!

Hannah and Geneva Morse said...

Yes, I totally agree! I love those! My favorites in that season (which is season six) are Sweet sixteen and He loves me, He loves me not!

Rebekah S. said...

Mine too!!! :)