Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Pictures :)

Hi!! Just wanted to posted some pictures :)

Isaac, and my favorite brother Jake,

Jake, he is really tired!! Yesterday mom, Ben,
Jake and I went with dad to work.Well really just to drop him
off, and looked at two houses.We meant to look at 7. We only looked at two because the first one we looked at, mom really liked. So we looked at one more and decided that
we wouldn't look at any more. Mom called dad and told him about it.
He said that he would look at it after work, but we had the car!!!!!!
So, we waited until 4:00 at the mall.It was fun. I thought so,
but my legs didn't!!! So we looked at the house one more time and
decided that we would make an offer.We might be done looking at houses!!!!!!!!!!!

My cute kitten,

lazy kitty!!!

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