Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What is your favorite season?

Most of you love fall.
Fall is very pretty, but I love winter.
Winter is cold, pretty, fun and you get hot chocolate!!!
Lets start with cold.Now most people do not like the cold.But not our family!!!
When you are hot, you can't take everything off and be cold(except if you stand over an
air vent).
But when you are cold, you put as many coats and scarfs on as you want!!!!!
Now pretty,just look at this!!!
Isn't it beautiful?
Now fun is easy, 1.snowball fights, 2. sledding,
3.making snow men and 4. Christmas!!!!!!
Christmas is not just fun because you get presents,
but because you get to read the Christmas story from the bible!!! (My favorite bible story!!!)
I love hot chocolate!!
And another reason is because Christmas is when we were going to get a
little brother(Jake)!!!

Posted by "Neva"

PS: Leave a comment and tell me what your favorite season is.


Rebekah S. said...

I really like fall. Everything changes colors and is really pretty, and it starts to finally get cooler outside.

Hannah and Geneva Morse said...

I love fall too! I agree about the beautiful colors and the cool air! ;)

Hannah and Geneva Morse said...

See! I told you that most everyone
LOVES fall. :) Ha! Ha!
Fall is very pretty, but winter is pretty. fun and cold!