Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Our wonderful visit to the Clements!!

Well, I'm finally posting pictures of our trip to the Clements!!I'm sorry this is so late, but due to something going on with blogger, it wouldn't let me post them.
There are a lot of pictures, and I hope you enjoy!!
First of all, let me tell you the names , so that you don't get mixed up. =)

Mr. Tony (the dad) Mrs. Jane (the mom)
Levi, Emily, Elijah, Abbie, and Gabriel (Gabe)

Alright, lets start with our trip on the way there. We started on the journey at about 6:00 pm on Friday, which was later then we had hoped. So, in order to get there by the time we had set for Saturday, we would have to drive for quite a while into the night....
Oh well. We made it any way!
Oh, and can you tell we were tired? :)
Probably not, seeing as it was only 3:30 am on Sat. morning.....
- Saturday -

One thing we noticed when we drove through Illinois,
was that it is a lot flatter then Tennessee.

We also saw a lot of smelly, icky, yucky, stinky
grunting and, (did I mention smelly) pigs!

We've finally arrived!!!

- Day #1 -

On Saturday when we arrived, we all held our breathes, and drove slowly down the Clements long drive way and parked. Everything was quiet, (that is, for about three seconds,) and then everyone was jumping out of their seats and suddenly hugging and laughing!!

From L. to R. - Taylor Loveland, Brittany Loveland, (they had come earlier as an extra surprise) Ol' Jack (the Clement's dog) Geneva, and Emily C.!!

Now I'm in this picture, only I'm not looking at the camera.
We all posed in front of this beautiful tree that they had in their back yard.
From L. to R. - Brittany L., Taylor L., Me, and Geneva. From L. to R. - Taylor L., Brittany L., Geneva, and Emily C.!!
Taylor L. and Zeke, the Clement's other dog.
Taylor L. and Geneva with Zeke.
~As you can tell, we posed for a lot of pictures!! LOL!~
These pictures were taken on their back porch: From L. to R.- Geneva, me, Emily C., Taylor L., - top left - Abbie C., and Brittany L.


Isn't Geneva cute? ;)

Another family that we had known when we lived there came and brought their little baby boy, Landon. He was soo cute!!

You can't see this picture very well, but this is me holding Landon. :)


- Sunday-

Emily!!!! (I love this picture!)
Katie.... isn't she adorable? ;)
Oh and um... me!! :)

Emmy and me!
Daddy and Jake taking a little nap.... ! :)


- Cookies an' fun! -

One of the things we used to do together would be making
homemade cookies. So, we decided to make some and see how they turned out!
Our beautiful dough! ;)
(Oops! Looks like somebody swiped a lick! LOL!)
Here is our first batch.
Actually there was enough dough to make four pans full!
Sweet Emily!!!
The wonderful cooks, waiting for their cookies to finish baking.
And, here they are!! Looking delicious! ;)
( of course, we made them right?!? :) )


- Fun outside... -


So, after we finished eating our 'wonderfully delicious cookies' (if I do say so myself) we all decided to go and get some fresh air outside.

"Hey! What happened to my ride?'
"A little lower and maybe I won't have to be in the picture at all!"
Me and my dear friend Emily!!!

Spencer and Levi running away from the camera...
LeviHere we go, starting on a nature walk!
(click on this picture and look at their faces!)

Taking a little brake after walking a while down the road...

I thought this was an adorable picture of Geneva!

This is an interesting picture!
From left to right: Isaac, me and Emily
Everyone, except for me.
(I was taking all these pictures so you probably won't see me very often..)
Elijah and Geneva had fun hanging on these cool rocks...! :)
The boys wanted me to take a picture
of this really cool rock they found.

And, to end our little walk, I took this pretty picture!!


The rest of our fun week....

Emily and Gabe!
And Geneva!! ;)


The Last Day..


Well, we didn't take very many pictures on Friday, but we did record a little movie.

While we were there, Emily and I made up this little dance. Its kinda silly, but we had fun!

So, that ends our delightful week with the Clements. We miss them dearly, and hope to see them again soon.
But for now.....

See you next time in our fun blogging world!!!! LOL!


Allison said...

It looks like you have a really neat blog... I especially love your blog name. I love that verse!!! I found your blog through Rebekah's. :)

Hannah and Geneva Morse said...

Hello! Thank you for visiting our blog! I hope you enjoyed it!
Yes, my mom picked the name and I loved it! The verse is wonderful too, and fits with our family well. (I'm the oldest of nine children, so we have eleven people in our family!)
Again, thanks for visiting our blog,and I hope you come back often!!

In Christ,

Allison said...

I'm the oldest of five, and the verses in Psalms 127 are ones my dad loves to read when a family has just had a baby or is expecting... :)