Thursday, January 17, 2008

A day for Hannah!.....

Hello everyone!! I am so sorry we didn't post sooner! We have been terribly busy with school and all, but that isn't the whole reason. We have lost the cord that you use to upload the pictures from your camera to the computer, and haven't found it as of yet. So, the won't be any pictures for a while. Sorry!!!
Today started late for me, as I am, unfortunately, sometimes a late sleeper. :( I got out of bed to find that everyone had already started their daily school assignments, and that I was behind.
So, I quickly ate some breakfast, did my morning chores, and read a passage in the Bible.
Later,after I finished all my daily school assignments, I walked downstairs and found our sweet neighbor, Bailey, playing house with the girls. It looked like they were having fun, so I asked if I could join them for a while. (Yes, I still enjoy playing along with my little sisters!) ;) The boys were outside playing with Bailey's brother, Levi, making bows, (not the kind that you put in your hair!) and jumping on Levi's trampoline. (Mom kept a close eye on them!)
Now, mom and dad, Bailey and Geneva, are making dinner, and I should probably be helping. (Really there are already too many cooks in the kitchen, but it all just smells too good to resist!!) =]

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