Friday, April 11, 2008

What we do when we're bored....

While mom and dad were out, we decided to play a little game called "The Multi-Tasking Mom"

Here are a few clips from today......
(ignore the fact that Spencer is using hairbrush for a phone. Both of our parents had their phones and Neva was using the home phone.. I mean, come on. what would you have used?) =D

Here's a game that brings so much fun & laughter! Another idea is to get a baby doll, a phone, a clothsline, clothes pins, and a basket full of laundry, and see who can get the most clothes hung up while holding the baby and talking on the phone, in 60 seconds! A great idea for a family reunion! (especially if you get all the dads to do it!!)

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Ellie said...

lol sounds like great fun ! I think I will try it sometime !!