Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

Today is a very special day for two adorable, sweet, absolutely precious girls!!
The 'twins' turned eight today! I can't believe its been that long since they were born!
I can still remember the day we found out that we were going to have two instead of one...

..We were all in the ultra sound room, watching the screen and looking at the little baby, ignorantly thinking that 'other' round thing was the body of the baby, when dad asked the nurse if it was a head. She hesitated, and then slowly replied that yes it was another head. Much to her surprise, everyone (that meant six at the time..) suddenly started jumping up and down squealing with excitement.

Yes, it has been a very neat experience, and I'm so glad the Lord blessed us with these precious little girls!!

Twins, I love you so much!! :D Ya'll are my FAVORITE(S)!! ;P

Love from the greatest big sis in the world,


The Heritage Sisters said...

Happy b-day! And I am the greatest sister ever!!


Stephen Morse said...

Well, Happy Birthday to my favorite girls of all!

Neva, not only are you the greatest.... you are the most humble also!!!



The Ambrosetti Family said...

aww! happy b-day to the twins! =)
~ali a.