Tuesday, August 5, 2008

We're Back!!

Hello everyone!!

Wow! I've really missed blogging for thew past couple weeks. Our computer was zapped be lightning in a storm we had, and unfortunately we lost (maybe) all the pictures we had saved on it.... :( The sad thing is that there were about three years worth of pics on it!

Anywho, we got a new computer, and hopefully will post more soon.



Cindy said...

Hello my sweet Grandaughters!
I HOPE you can get your pictures back!!! I thought I had lost mine when our computer crashed earlier this year,but Comp Doc Jason was able to retrieve them. After that I vowed to burn them to CDs frequently! - plus we now have an automatic backup. After reading of your experience, I remembered that I haven't burned any CDs lately, so that's what I'll do this evening! I enjoy all your blogs! Love, Gramma

The Heritage Sisters said...

Hello Grandma!!
I hope Uncle Jason can get them for us! I was going to burn them to cds before the computer was zapped, but I guess I forgot... ;)
Thanks for commenting! We love you and miss you lots!!
Love your favorite granduaghters....

The Heritage Sisters said...

oops! "daughters"