Monday, October 20, 2008

He caught it!

Spencer is so creative. I mean, he has found so many things to build and make out of all the scraps of metal that dad brings home from the shop, that it's just amazing!...


..Lately we have been hearing strange noises like skittering sounds and the such coming from underneath our shed. Our dog go ballistic whenever she gets near enough to sniff or smell, or whatever she does.

Well, Spencer resolved to take care of our problem for us. And do you know what he did? He built a simple trap, put in some bait, and set it out to wait and see what would happen.
Five days later,(he says he "forgot" to check the trap) we were preparing to walk our dogs, when Spencer came running around the shed saying "I caught something! I caught it!"

He had caught a possum!
We were all amazed, and he was very excited. :)
We only kept it long enough for Spencer to show dad when he got home, and then they let it loose down near the lake.

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The Heritage Sisters said...

Oh! Please forgive those many little spelling mistakes I made in that post! :)