Monday, January 19, 2009


So, does anyone know how to make our header smaller? I cannot for the life of me figure it out!
If anyone knows what I should do, please let me know! Thanks!
It has snowed for the past three days, and yet none of it has stuck. Everytime it starts, my younger siblings cry out with joy, and then they really cry, when they find out that there is no evidence that it even snowed anywhere!! It really is pretty though, to watch it fall. It reminds me of when it snowed on our mountain... "sniff-sniff"
Yeah, I know. I have been horrible when it comes to posting pictures. One reason is that I have also been very lazy at taking the pictures as well. :) I promise though, that I will catch everyone up as soon as I have myself... :)
Well, gotta go. Talk to ya'll later! :)

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John Wootten said...

Hey Hannah!

You need to resize the header to 660 pixels, that is the width of your blog. Here it is.

You and Geneva did a really good job on your blog, and I enjoy reading all the updates about your family. Keep up the good work! And tell your family I said "Hi"