Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Crochet Meme:

When did you first learn to crochet?

Oh, I think it was about six years ago, when I was nine.

Who taught you how to crochet?

My wonderfully talented mother.

What was the first item you crocheted?

Um... I think it was a scarf.

What was the easiest thing you have ever crocheted?

Probably some little coasters.

What was the hardest?

Probably a sweet little Victorian Baby Cape my mother and I recently made for a friend of ours who is expecting.

What has been your favorite thing to crochet?

I loved making little baby-doll bonnets for my sisters!

Which crocheting project took you the longest to finish?

Probably the blanket I am working on now!

How long did it take?

Well, seeing as I am still working on it, why don't we just wait and see! (so far it has taken about a year...)

How many stitches do you know?

Oh boy... Umm...
Maybe about 12??

Which stitch is your favorite?

Wow! Is it cheating to say the easiest?? :)
Just kidding...
The shell stitch

Are you working on crocheting anything right now?

Yep! (as mentioned above..)

If so, what is it?

A baby blanket

Have you ever made up your own pattern?

Yes! I made up the pattern for the before-mentioned baby bonnets.

Do you prefer Crocheting over knitting?

I haven't really been doing quite a lot of knitting lately, so probably yes.

Do you intend to continue crocheting?

Is that a trick question?! Of course!

Are you planning on any more major crocheting projects?

Well, not that I know of, but while mother and I were in the craft store a couple of weeks ago, I was drooling over all of the yarn they had, and was very tempted to buy some more. Chances are you will hear more about that later on... :)


I am not going to tag anyone, as I am not sure if everyone has crocheted before. If you would like to do this, have at it! The main reason I posted this was for your enjoyment, as well as my own! I am really looking forward to seeing what others have to say!

Have a wonderful rest of the day everyone!


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