Monday, April 27, 2009

It's all about Flip-Flops...

Hello everyone!
So, I have a fun little quiz for ya'll, and I would like it if you could answer them for me... (you can do that in the comment section) :)
P.S. Some of you asked for my answers, so I have added them as well. Enjoy!:)
  1. How many pairs of shoes do you own? -Umm, lets see.... about maybe 16 :) ...but that is just a guess. (I'm too lazy to go count..)
  2. How many of them are flip-flops? -About maybe 6?
  3. Do you ever wear flip-flops all year round? -Well, not really... :)
  4. Would you rather wear flip-flops or tennis shoes? -Definitely flip-flops!
  5. Would you rather wear wedge-heeled flip-flops, or the simple flats? -Flats
  6. If you had to live with only one pair of flip-flops for one year, what color would you choose? -Brown
  7. Do you prefer dressed up and snazzy flip-flops, or the simple plain ones? - Snazzy
  8. And last but not least, how long is the longest time you have had a pair of flip-flops last? - Going on about 3 1/2 years

Hope you all have fun with this. :)



Kelsey said...

Hi Jo, This quiz looks like fun. So here goes. I'm going to put the number of the question and then answer it. 1. 26 pairs of shoes 2. 19 pairs of flip-flops 3.NO 4.Flip-flops 5.wedge-heeled flip-flops 6. blue 7. dressed up and snazzy flip-flops 8.4 years and still counting.

Your sister,

K. Morse said...

1. five
2. one
3. would not ever
4. depends on a number factors including the position of the moon, how much I had for breakfast, and what I'm reading.
5. I can't imagine this question is directed toward me.
6. I have only lived with one pair of flip flops for a number of years; they are gray.
7. The answer here is obvious- as snazzy as possible while remaining gray.
8. My current pair is three years old.

geneva morse said...

Ha Ha! Hey Uncle Kevin!!!

Your "fav" niece,

Haleigh said...

How cool Jo!! Here's my answers!

1)way to many to count. twenty-something.
2)most of them. twenty or so.
3) yes i do. every year i actuually shop for my winter supply of flip-flops. funny i know!
5)flat. Something about the shape of the wedged ones doesn't feel just right. ;)
6)brown( my favorite oldnavys!)
7)snazzy.You March sisters know me!
8)right now (my brown ones that I spoke of above)I'm going on 3 years this summer.

So much fun! But what about you Hannah?!? Let's hear your answers!

Luv Ya,

The Heritage Sisters said...

There you go Amy, how's that? ;)
Oh, and if you all would allow me, I would have plenty more shoes to count as mine if I said those of my sisters(Neva has now gotten to where she share the same shoe size as me, and we have gotten into the habit of wearing each other's) and my mother, who I have shared shoes with for the past four, maybe five years. But, I didn't think that counted... :)lol

Thanks for participating! How fun...


Uncle Kevin, thanks to you too. You and my dad are so much alike... :)