Friday, May 22, 2009


Hey ya'll! I had to post something, so I decided to post pics of my bro Isaac. :)
Whew, I really need to get this place organized.
Maybe with some special-day treats, or a list of daily duties, or whatever. I will be trying to think of some ideas, but I want to post things that you all will enjoy reading. Why don't you do me a HUGE favor and jot down what you would like to see here in my garden in the flower box at the end of this post. (more commonly known as the comment section) I will let you all know what my plans are asap, okey-dokey? ;D
Til' Later,


Lily said...'ve got a really cute little brother there. He's going to be quite smashing when he grows up =)

Thanks for sharing these fun pictures! I love to see random pictures like this, especially when the subjects are such cute ones =)


Miss Rebekah Ann S. said...

He's so cute. :)

I love hearing about your daily life and seeing random pictures of all of you. I would also love some recipes, too! :) I'm fine with anything you post-I enjoy it all! :)