Monday, June 22, 2009

"Along came a post.."

...Creed Pix...

Don't you just love his little smile in this picture? I did. I was going crazy... :P

Now, I wanted to ask ya'll a question. Do youu think that Creed looks like Spencer when he was a baby in this picture? I do, and wanted to see what you thought...
^and Spencer.^
what do YOU think? :)
...Other Photos...

These first three photos are of the absolutely BEAUTIFUL view from Sunset Rock on Lookout mountain. We all hiked there a couple of weeks ago and we LOVED it!!

Now I think I'll stop and let my sister take a turn.
Hum... what should I do?
Take a nap?Nah..
Read a book? Maybe...
Well, anywho, here is where this post comes to an end.
Toodloo! "D

1 comment:

Haleigh said...

What fun! And what an awesome view! Isn't God's creation beautiful!!!

Your favorite sister,

~ Amy