Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Isaac's babies...

I have a brother. Well, actually a few of them, but the one of whom I am speaking has a very unique hobby, and one that I enjoy talking of. You see, Isaac has always been the laughing, fun- natured charming boy of the family. He loves animals, and always has. First, his favorite creature was the horse; and he collected many different types (all toys of course) of which he treasured. He would always talk of how one day he would love to have a few of his own. He dreamed of owning a farm full of them.

Then, one day a few years ago, he announced his new favorite animal; the bird. Don't ask me what changed his mind, for I have no idea. Perhaps it was influenced by one of his favorite movies, "Narnia"or "Eragon", or maybe it was from the love of the chickens we owned when we lived on the mountain, but I don't know for sure. Anywho, after dreaming and wishing for a few weeks, he was delighted when mother-dear and daddy-o told him that he was to receive two Parrotlets as an early Christmas gift. What? That was quite a surprise! After all, we already have several animals in the family. And mama was going to let him get more? What a woman... :)

He went later that week to a little pet shop near us to pick up his "gifts". But unfortunately, though they were very lovely birds, their attitudes did not match. We thought that maybe it wouldn't work out, but knowing Isaac, our "Chicken Whisperer", we trusted that he would tame their tempers and teach them to love him. And he did. Simon & Saphira adore him. And now, so do their children! :) Yep, they hatched out five darling little babies; four girls and one boy... :)

(this is the male. You can tell males from females because the males have blue under their wings)

(and all of these are his girls. Don't ask me how he tells them apart. They all look the same to me.) :D

Recently, for his birthday, he received three more males. And one of them is yellow! Now, I'm not sure of all the different colors they come in, but I do know that they aren't all green! :) Here are some pictures of the new males:

Notice the names? :) They were put there so that he could keep better track of them. Even HE gets a little confused when looking at the pictures! :)

So, there's the little story of Isaac and his birds. Oh, and just a little bit of a warning: if your ever here at the Morsel house, do NOT enter his room without permission. He's a bit on the careful side when it comes to his babies....




Miss Rebekah Ann S. said...

Aw, how sweet! I had heard about his birds, but never seen them. They are all so cute! And how kind of your parents to let him have them as a new addition to the Morsel Zoo! It must be such fun to live at your house, surrounded by all those little creatures. :)

Thanks for this sweet post; I enjoyed it immensely!


Haleigh said...

Awww, how cute they all are! They look like they'd be fun little pets to have. Maybe that's coming from a no-pet person though. :)