Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Real Life...

Hello all. And how are you? It seems like an eternity since I have interacted with my "blogging pals". :) A billion different things have happened in a billion different ways. I have found myself at this computer a lot throughout, but just never quite made it to the "New Post" button. :) I guess it may be for the lack of some new file of photos, a dramatic and intriguing story, or anything else that people usually find to post about. But whatever it is, I haven't fixed it. So, in answer to this problem, I am going to challenge myself. Now, I make no promises to you. This challenge may not be as interesting as that of a duel between two strong knights, or as thought-out as a game of checkers played by a few ole' pros. But... I will do my best to make you smile. I think maybe my family and I are capable of that... :)

It is simply this: Every Friday or Saturday (hopefully), I will post a real, true, honest-to-goodness photo of whatever I may find interesting to capture on camera that week. That means it will be a raw, random, or un-edited picture.... and in every way possible maybe even one I don't like. But you see, THAT is the challenge. :)

So... to start out this terribly scary, absolutely exciting, and maybe even sometimes embarrassing challenge, here are a few starters: :)

PLEASE enjoy....

Ok, Ok... enough with the silly pictures of me. :)

Ta-ta y'all. :)



Miss Rebekah Ann S. said...

Finally I can comment! I tried to last night and the pop-up box wouldn't come up!

That's a great idea; I can't wait to see all the upcoming pictures. :) It'll be fun to get this little, fun glimpse into your daily life, dearest Jo! :)

The Heritage Sisters said...

I will try my hardest to make it as pleasing as possible Bekah dear! :)


Miss Rebekah Ann S. said...

I'm sure it will be delightful!

By the way, your hair looks so pretty in that fourth picture. I like it pulled back on the top like that. :)