Thursday, May 13, 2010


Lovin' this beautiful weather!! :) My family and I are having a wonderful time and really enjoying the Lord's creation; taking walks, horse riding lessons, fun trips with friends.. such as the most recent outing to Lake Winnie, and a few other activities. Blogging hasn't been one of them.... but hey! Why spend my time inside on the computer when there is a glorious sun shining outside on a summer day, pretty little flowers and plants, and my silly siblings running around and laughing! :)


Miss Rebekah Ann S. said...

What? No pictures from Lake Winnie?? lol :) That was SOOOOO fun!! I was telling Mom that we all need to get together and go again before next year's homeschool day!

You have the cutest siblings! They're just so sweet. :) Thanks for the pictures!

Oh, and Andrew and Daddy have the same shirt Spencer's wearing!

Haleigh said...

I'm with Bekah...Where are the Lake Winnie pics?! :) And yes, we most definetly must go back before next year!! Or maybe Six Flags....:)