Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thoughts. . .

...This past weekend my family and I made a sweet little trip to Gatlinburg. We were blessed to have a house provided for, and really tried to soak up every second together. It was a wonderful trip! I'll try to post photos as soon as I can, but for now here are some things that I've been thinking about lately. :)

My Daddy.
From him, I learn what it means to give your life to Christ and live faithfully. In him, I see all that a spiritual leader, loving husband, and caring father should be. With him, I enjoy every second!

On March 21st, daddy celebrated his 40th birthday! I was unable to post due to the fact that we weren't home, but I still wanted to shout out a huge

"Happy Birthday!!!"

..here on my blog. :) I love you daddy!!!

"I play the background like it's an instrument."

"..so just let me shadow You, and just let me trace your lines. Matter of fact just take my pen, and You create my rhymes. "


Neva and I are having so much fun being a part of CSTHEA's production of "Ruddigore". Practices are always interesting, some-what tiring (as of late), and just a blast.

We've enjoyed meeting all the cast members too! Neither of us have ever been a part of something like this, so it has been very neat to open up and act with all these people. :) We're loving it!


In my opinion, cupcakes are amazing. They can be simple, elegant, loud and unique, or even a wearable dress! (check here).

Recently, I have discovered that I was destined to be a cupcake artist.

Okay, so maybe I wasn't. But I sure wanna be! I've researched, googled, and drooled over all those mini cakes you see adorning bakery windows, and wish I could be the one to create them. I have yet to try my hand at it.... but hopefully I can make time for it soon!

~(And last, but certainly not least!) Pink.

Ever since we found out that baby number eleven was to be a girl, we Morse girls have been going nuts. We haven't had a little girl in over 10 years!! Our Blessing Amelia is going to be adored. We have been buying cute little pink socks, precious pink and rosy blankets, pink sleepers, pink gowns, and all that other stuff. I am so excited to love on this girl.

Putting bows in her hair, dressing her in tiny smocked outfits, and taking bucket loads of pictures? Oh yes! You may bet on all that.


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Hannah said...

Hey Hannah,

I do not post a comment very often as you know....but I canot help but agree whole-heartedly about your wonderful dad!!! I love him so much for making our lives serious when it should be and so interesting and fun always. I like the song and lyrics you posted too!! Love you!