Monday, August 15, 2011

Day #10

Favorite Song

...Yesterday, I was kind of under the impression that we would take Sundays off. But this sister of mine took advantage of the fact that I didn't state that in my rules, and very late last night she went and posted Day #10 on her blog. So here I am, one day later, posting it on my blog.

How are you supposed to choose ONE song out of all the amazing ones out there?! I do believe this is the hardest day yet.

I love this one.

And I've always adored this one.

Aww, this one makes me want to cry!
And this one? LOVE it!

But.. over all, here is my pick for today:

Geneva, I may have fallen a little behind, but I'm not giving up! You just wait and see.


I've already posted this song once before... but because I love it so very much [for many sentimental reasons!] I just had to say that it IS most definetly one of my top favorites, if not THE one.

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