Monday, August 13, 2007

Stephen Jacob



....what a little darling!


Rebekah S. said...

He's so cute! :) He's gotten so big!

Rebekah S. said...

Hannah, I just read your poem "Dear God"!! It was amazing! That was so good!!! I loved it! You really have a talent! Would you mind if I posted it on my blog?

Your friend in Christ,

Hannah Morse said...

Rebekah, thanks! Sure you can post it on your blog!
Actually, you are the first person who has commented on this blog besides daddy! I guess that I will just have to tell people about it if I expect them to visit it! ;)


Rebekah S. said...

Great, thanks!! :) You're welcome! I really enjoyed it! Does Ali know about your blog? She would definitely post a lot of comments!! :) I just created my blog yesterday, and haven't even posted anything yet, but will be doing so today!! :) Please check it out when you find the time-I will be adding many posts soon, and I'm planning to bring my mom's digital camera on Sunday to take pics of you and the rest of my friends! :) I'm excited! Here it is:

I had no idea you had a blog!! It is really neat!

By the way, I have no knowledge in the blog area, and this might seem like a really strange question, but how do you post pics and insert them in your blog posts? Could you sorta give me a step-by-step? Thank you so much!! I really appreciate any help you can give me!

See you Sunday! :)
In Christ,
Numbers 6:24-26

Hannah Morse said...

I would be glad to help you in any way I can, even though I'm not the best either! If you look at some of my earlier posts, you will see that I didn't know how to either. Thankfully my father has been posting for a while and was willing to show me! (look at the post he did titled "My silly girl doesn't know how to post pics" in July! ;)

Mrs. G said...

Hello Hannah,

You have done a nice job with your blog. I have just finished looking at Bekah's and saw the link to your site. The pictures of Jake are adorable. We miss you and your family. I will enjoy looking at your photos and see how everyone is growing. Take care.

Mrs. G

Ashlee G. said...


I love all the pictures you chose to put on your blog. The picture of your dad is really silly:-)
I miss you and your family.


The Ambrosetti Family said...

Hannah, your blog looks WONDERFUL! I love seeing all the pictures! =)

Well, you did a great job, and I will see you Sunday!

love, ~Ali

The Ambrosetti Family said...

Hey Hannah! just wondering if it would be ok if I put your blog as a link on ours?
just let me know!

see ya, ALI

Hannah Morse said...

Ali,that would be great if you could link it on your blog! Thanks!:)
Sorry I haven't posted in a while! We've been really busy with our house and everything that I just haven't found any time to.
In Christ,

The Ambrosetti Family said...

Great! see ya soon!