Friday, December 14, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

This poem is one that mother wrote for our Christmas letter last year, but I just had to post it here!!
A Morning With the Morse's...

Ulrich the rooster makes the first call,

For it is now morning, one late this Fall.

It’s funny how a cock-a-doodle-doo makes Mom feel

Out of place, yet at home on her mountain, surreal.

Her moment of pondering is halted right then,

For a figure hovers by her, of course it is Ben.

He is more faithful than Timex, and waterproof too,

His petition predictable, “I’m hungry! Aren’t you?”

All possible combinations of what is in stock,

Are recalled very quickly as Mom puts on her frock.

It’s no surprise that others have woken,

Nor, that yet another bowl has been broken.

Dad’s in the shower as the first meal progresses,

The twins want to dine in their very best dresses.

The three musketeers have already taken their seats,

At the long kitchen table for something to eat.

That is, Corban, Ben and Jake as they’re formally known,

Two at the table, one in his high-chair throne.

The older half is outside taking care of the pets,

Chanting their choice for breakfast on the way, and yet,

Dad refuses for Mom to oblige each request,

Besides, it is always his choice that is best.

It’s settled, the menu includes cream of wheat,

With brown sugar and milk, a wonderful treat.

This morning is good since we all can be there,

To pray, to eat, funny stories to share.

No spills happened this time, a miracle you know,

Just kidding, but Mom expects it as part of the show.

When all is done, the mess is cleaned up right away,

At least on this very, smooth running day.

Today we manage also to read with Dad,

We remember the great week we’ve already had.

After plans for the day are dispersed to us all,

Isaac reminds us the days before Christmas are small.

So we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

From our family to yours with an abundance of cheer!!

Merry Christmas!!!!


Kristina Whitaker said...

Your mom did such a great job on that poem. It all sounds very familiar, except for the cream of wheat. I think Josh is the only one that likes it. The rest of us like good ol' southern grits. Merry Christmas to all of you.

Much love,
The Whitaker's

Rebekah S. said...

I remember that poem! I just loved it! It was in the Christmas card that you sent us last year. Your mom's so talented-it's such a cute poem!

Milie Arie said...

Dear Hannah and Neva,
Tell your Mom I think it's a beautiful poem! She could get rich and famous if she sent that and other poem's to a publisher!! I hope I can come up with something like that!! Well, I gotta split!
Love always,
Milie Arie Fenrir

Rebekah S. said...

We got our Christmas card today-thank you so much!!! We love it! And that picture is so cute of all of you!