Monday, April 13, 2009

I Hope You Don't Mind...

...That I am posting another post about a hiking trip!
My family, (my mother excepted. Daddy doesn't want to take that risk as it is so close to the time for her to go into labor) has started going on hikes through different trails around where we live every Saturday. And since I have gotten into the habit of taking my camera along every where I go, most of my pictures now seem to consist of hikes!
...The hike has begun!

C'mon daddy, who texts when they are surrounded with nature?
(although I guess it is O.K. if you are only checking in with mom to make sure it isn't time for the baby to come yet...) :P

We passed through many neat waters falls of all sizes..

Our fun neighbor Bailey Thornton came, the little ones loved having her along!

Really bad pic of me, but Corban is simply too cute. :D

The others thought this huge rock looked "sort-a" like a big dog face, you know, with the nose, and eye, and stuff? ;)

Isn't this beautiful?

One of our sweet dogs, Little Ann, came along with her daddy Spencer, and seemed to really enjoy herself! :)
The rapids were pretty neat, but Neva didn't feel much like swimming after she felt how cold it was. :)
And so ended yet one other crazy, exciting, and super fun hiking trip!
(can you tell we are all tired?)

Til' we meet again, my dear readers,



Miss Rebekah Ann S. said...

Don't apologize! I've enjoyed the hiking pics. :) You're quite a photographer!

The Lord's creation is just so beautiful!

Where are these various trails you've discovered? Near your house, I suppose?

I'm SOOOO excited about your little brother! Like I told you yesterday, I will be eagerly awaiting a birth announcement this week! :)

Love ya, dear sister!


The Heritage Sisters said...


Yes, We do go hiking around where we live, at various nature parks and such. They have been such neat places to go, and we really appreciate them as we don't have as much land as we had in McMinnville. We really miss that you know! :(

Thank you! I really love taking pictures, and editing them also. It is such an enjoyment to capture all those little bitty memories, and, as if you hadn't noticed, I love doing that. :)

We are all super-duper excited, and cannot wait either! We are so thankful to have been blessed with this soon-to-be-born little brother!

Thank you for commenting!
Have a wonderful week!


Miss Autumn said...

I would have to agree with "the others" that the rock looks like a big dog face! LOL! :0

Great pictures!


Haleigh Poe said...

Looks like you have great times! Where exactly are you in these photos? It's so beautiful!

~ Haleigh