Monday, April 13, 2009

My First Candle!!

For Christmas last year, I recieved candle making supplies, as well as a book that taught me how. I was so excited, because this was exactly what I had been wanting for quite a while. I haven't been able to use any of it until now though, and so when I did, I decided to take a few pictures of the what I did.
First, I melted the wax in a double boiler, and as we don't have one, my creative dad came up with one for me! (don't worry, mom was fully aware that I was using her pots, and rest assured that they are now scrubbed clean and ready for use in the cooking area once more!)

I then poured the wax into this mold, ^ having already prepared the wick, etc.

O.K., so this picture is out of order. This is my big chunk of wax, and the tools I use to cut it apart. Looks fun, don't it?!
These are some of the other items I used, including the scent, wick, and mold sealer. (I didn't use any scent or color for this one though, cause I wanted to try it out first.)

I waited for it to harden, and everything in between, and.....

...Here it is!!!
Isn't it lovely??
& as if you couldn't tell, I am so excited!
Luv Ya,

What are some neat crafts that you enjoy doing?


Miss Rebekah Ann S. said...

Hannah, that is SOOOO neat!! :) I REALLY want to learn how to make candles, as well. Haleigh's told me about a DVD she got for Christmas(that I just found out is available through Vision Forum now!) entitled "The Art of Candle Making". I think that is just so neat. Where did your parents get that book and those supplies?

You did a great job; that candle is so pretty. You could maybe begin a home business selling homemade candles; that would be neat!! :) They would make great gifts and home decor!

Can't wait to see your other creations as you make them! :)


Miss Rebekah Ann S. said...

That pic of your candle is so pretty; it looks very antiquey(I don't think that's a word. lol)!

The Heritage Sisters said...


Thank you! It is so neat to make candles! I absolutely love it, and have made two since then. I have thought about starting a home business as well, but I guess we will wait and see how the Lord works!

Thank you again! Yet another picture memory to pass down, showing my first ever candle. :)Perhaps by then I would have progressed, and this art may become a family tradition! ;)


Miss Rebekah Ann S. said...

That would be so neat, Hannah! :) What a great family tradition. I'd love to hear about the other 2 candles you've made(and see pics! :)).

How exciting it would be if the Lord led you to have a home business selling candles! That'd be fun. :)

Have a blessed day, dear friend!

I hope to see you Saturday(hopefully it won't rain!)!!


Miss Autumn said...

How fun!!!

I have always wanted to make candles too! ;)

Your Candle looks lovely Hannah! :)


Haleigh Poe said...

How neat! What a wonderful way to make your home a beautiful place!
There is nothing quite like candlelight!

You take such lovely pictures. What type of camera do you have?

Your sister,

The Heritage Sisters said...

Hey Haleigh!

I've been missin' your comments here!

I know what you mean about candlelight! I love it too. :)

Bekah said that you had some videos of candlemaking; have you made any yet? Let my know about it, O.K.?



I use a small Nikon Coolpix S210, but I also edit my pictures on the computer. Computers are so nifty, aren't they? :)

Haleigh Poe said...

Hiya, Hannah!

I been missing blogging too! i wish I wasn't so busy!

No, I haven't made any candles yet, but I hope tp have time to soon!

Thanks for telling me about your camera. I've been thinking about saving up for one.


Miss Rebekah Ann S. said...

Candlelight truly is so peaceful and a great way to make your home a haven for all who enter! :)