Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Meet Mr. Bennet...

...a dear little boy who was recently introduced to the Morse family. This kitty is sweet tempered, very adorable, and quite attached to his rescuer/new mama... :) Although he fits his name perfectly, it is a bit too grown-up for him, so for now he goes by the title "Mr. B" . His story is similar to that of his new brothers and sisters, my other "kitt-os", who all have a touching tale of their own, but it is unique none the less. My parents, being the wonderful people they are, :)have allowed my siblings and I the chance to demonstrate our love of creatures by taking care of animals of all shapes and sizes AND numbers... (four dogs, seven kitties, six geckos, two parrot-lets, a turtle and two fish). So for them, the story of my Mr. B is just another page from the Book of Morsel Adventures which we can all look back on in later years...
...My mother-dear, siblings, and I were heading home from being out and about together, making a few little errands here and there. My father was on his way home from work, and we had timed it just right so that we would all be home in time to meet our grandpa who was passing through and wanted to make a quick stop to see us.

We stopped at the bank real quick, for one reason, suckers! :) lol

And as we were pulling out, I saw a tiny orange blur race across the four lanes of road in front of us. Of course I yelled "Mom! Did you see that? I think I just saw a kitten run across the road." And I had. It quickly hid in some bushes as our big ole' van crawled up along side it, and for some strange reason, Isaac jumped out and told us he would get it for us. ;) Actually though, instead of grabbing it when he should have, he scared it so that the tiny little thing raced across the large parking lot of Bi-lo which just so happened to be next door to the bank.

Mother looked at her watch as someone yelled "It's under some body's car!". Being the great woman she is, she drove over and allowed the four older ones (Spencer, Geneva, Isaac and myself) to hop out and attempt to catch this little creature. Not exactly knowing what we would do with it once we had it.. :) we made a game plan of how we could lure it out from underneath this car. We tried everything, and nothing worked. Finally, Spencer got down on his stomach (yes, right there in the middle of the Bi-lo parking lot) and reached under to grab it. Oops! Wrong move... that scared little kitty skedaddled right up into the engine of the car. We walked back to the van, to find everyone out of their seats and crowding around the door watching every little thing we were doing. Mama told us that she had called dad, and that he would stop by and try to help us. When he got there, he hopped right out, and looked at me like "Hannah, what have you gotten us into now?" as he slowly crouched down next to the car. He tried to lure it out with some "cat" noises... but it only crawled further up into the car. Daddy-o called the man who owned the car to tell him what had happened, and to make sure that it was okay that we were crawling around his car, and the guy just laughed and said that it was alright.

Meanwhile, our grandfather had been waiting on our front porch. :) Daddy told us that we needed to go home, but promised to come back and check on the cat once our visit with grandpa was over. So, about an hour later, Spencer, daddy-o, the twins, and myself drove back down to Bi-lo to try our skills at catnapping again. :) After about 15 minutes, I asked daddy to call the car owner, and since he loves me so much... (lol) he did. The guy said that he would quickly stop by and open the hood of the car for us, Yay! :) Once he got there, it took about a total of maybe two minutes to pop the hood open and snatch the panting kitten before it escaped back underneath the car. Wow.. that was easy. :)

Now, after many hours of nursing his poor skinny little body back to it normal fat self, he has addapted quite nicely into our full home and family. And, don't tell anyone I said this but....

...(I think daddy likes him!)

Hope I haven't bored you too much... Have a fantastic day everyone!!



The Heritage Sisters said...

Yes, I know all kittens grow up to be cats. But to me, they are just as sweet then as they are when just babies. :D Okay, so I am a softy, but honestly, who couldn't resist him?... Never mind... don't answer that question. :)

Oh, and isn't that first picture great? :)


Miss Rebekah Ann S. said...

So this is the little cutie you told me the story of rescuing! How precious and fun! :) He looks way too sweet! :) Thanks for posting this!

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday! :)

Haleigh said...

Just Darling!

Hey, hop on over to "Meg's" Blog and see the new Tag. Then post your answers here! Please!!!

Love ya,


Miss Rebekah Ann S. said...

lol! I had just come to tell Hannah that very thing, Haleigh, after reading your comment on my blog! :)

Thanks, Haleigh!

I'm looking forward to seeing your answers, Hannah dear!! And, Geneva, if you'd like to participate, too, I'd be thrilled! :)

And, Kelsey, if you're reading this, you head on over, too! :)

The Heritage Sisters said...


I did, but I left all my answers on Meg's blog. :) Thanks for telling me about it! How fun...

See you tomorrow?!


The Heritage Sisters said...

Oops... I think I bored a few people with this LONG story! :)

Oh well...