Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Tag...

Well, my darling friend Rebekah hosted this tag on her blog, and though I had posted my answers as a comment there, I decided to post them here as well. Enjoy!

~Ten Interesting Facts About Me~

1. I am the oldest child of ten - a fact I absolutely LOVE to talk about!

2. The longest my family and I have ever lived in a house is about three years. We have moved around a lot; the Lord has blessed us with a lot of moving experiences :) - but I hope to be staying put for quite a long while!

3. I cannot stand seafood! Which is quite sad, because the rest of my family are big fans of it; shrimp, crab legs, etc.

4. When I was six, I took Jazz lessons; but I stopped after about 5 months.

5. A scary thought; when my youngest brother is fifteen, I will be thirty! :(

6. My bestest ever daddy in the whole world is a fourth degree black belt in Hapkido. When we live in Atlanta, (I was just a little baby) he would learn from the very tough Master Park. I mean tough. Daddy would get beat up almost every day; but he loved every moment of it! :) He stopped when the Lord moved us to Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, but he now teaches several of my siblings and I. And the funny stories he tells us of when he would work with Master Park.... let me just tell you that we love to laugh! :) I was blessed with a WONDERFUL daddy! :)

7. I love to design things. In my mind, I have put together a charming little cottage (or as I title it, "My little Yellow House in the Woods") and every inch of it is complete. My inspiration for this cute litle place came from a tiny yellow house my family and I drive past every Sunday on our way to meet with our church family. :) Yes, my brothers like to tease me about my wandering imagination, but I enjoy coming up with plans and ideas for this darling little house. :)

8. I believe that I have the cutest little brothers anyone could ever ask for! :) (I have six brothers, four of them under the age of eight)

9. My family owns our own personal petting zoo; right here in our home! :) To be exact, we have.... "drum roll if you please" .... Four adorable dogs, seven cuddly kitties, six amazing geckos, two (almost) talking parrot-lets, two "can't-believe-they-are-still-alive" goldfish, and one teeny-tiny cute little turtle. :)

10. I am a part of a dear group of friends who, because they are so close, have decided to call themselves the March sisters. Yes, the same four "Meg, Jo, Beth & Amy" in the book "Little Women". My dear sister Rebekah, whose site I got this idea from, is otherwise known as "Meg", Miss Haleigh Poe who has also taken part in this tag is lovingly called "dear Amy". Our fourth sister, "Beth", has not yet commented on this post, but I do not want to leave her out; our sweet-tempered, loving sister! :) And me, as you all have probably guessed, am the cheerful Jo! :)
~ :D ~

If you did not participate on "Meg's" blog, then feel free to post your answers here in the comment section. I would enjoy reading your answers!


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Dear Darling Little Amy; Also Known As Haleigh :) said...

Yeah!!! I really LOVE that pic of us, Jo Dear! You know, I have that same pic stuck in my violin case so that every day when I open it up...I think of the wonderful blessing that the Lord has given me through your friendship! I Love You SOOOOOO much!!!

~Your Dear Littest Sister,