Friday, November 20, 2009


So, I've been gone for quite a long while. BUT, my time has been pretty well spent, ya know, with school and such. :)
Anyway, here are some random photos taken recently of a few of my dear friends and I.

from left -right: me & my long hair, Gabi & her adorable new hair cut, & Kelsey with her gorgeous hair that shines beautifully in the dusky sun light. :)

^ we were at the fair, and it was quite chilly and sprinkling a bit. Kelsey & Haleigh looked so cute in their little hoods. Logan, Haleigh's brother, is peaking in the background. :)

The Gab-ster, having fun in the messy barn. :)

left-right: Gabi, me, Kelsey, and dear Rebekah. :) We were at a baby shower we were throwing for a dear friend of ours! Wasn't that so much fun?

Oh! I love this picture! This is my darling baby brother Creed, who, after fussing for quite a while, was soothed to sleep by his new favorite "sister", Bekah dear! :) Isn't this a lovely photo?
Be back later! :)

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Haleigh said...

Hello Hannah! I'm so glad that you posted! It's been quite a while! :)

When and where was that first picture taken? It's a really good one!

What memories we'll always have of that nasty-weather day at the fair. :) Getting soaked, Hannah and I almost getting lost, standing under a tent tht was not made for rainy days, going to Gab's house for a towel and a movie(of which we never agreed upon)and then over to K-bug's for lunch a game of pit! Fun,fun,fun.....We need to do that again next year. Maybe minus the rain though. :) Maybe not!

Love your sweater in the baby shower picture, Kelsey!

See y'all tomorrow!