Friday, November 20, 2009

My Oh-So-Cute-I-Sqeal-Every-time-I-See-Him Brother!!

I believe it is high time I post pictures of our growing-every-day boy Creed! My goodness, he is getting so big. Ya'll, I mean his little legs are SO chubby! And he is sitting up by himself now too. I just can't believe it. But really, don't you just think he is too cute? Ahhhh!!!! :D

This sweet girl holding him is Ashlee Goodpaster. Aren't they so cute in this picture?! :)




Haleigh said...

C-U-T-I-E. nothing else to say. :)

Love ya Hannah.


Haughstuff said...

He looks like such a happy baby! So sweet :)


The Heritage Sisters said...

Yeah... I think I spelled "squeal" wrong. Is this wrong too? :)