Sunday, May 23, 2010

Friends Forever....

The Lord has truly blessed us with such a beautiful friendship! We've grown so close to each other over the past three years and we are both so thankful that the Lord chose to bring us together.
We have shared many special memories in the short time that we have known each other and hope to share many, many more! We've promised each other to never-ever let our friendship fade and to keep close forever. We both share dreams of going through a God-honoring courtship, being in each other's weddings, calling each other for advice on how to clean up messy little boys and how to help delicate little girls, watching our children grow in and through Christ Jesus, while never ceasing to do so ourselves.
We both have many things in common now as well; we share a love for a beautiful Father/Daughter relationship, sad movies, sweet songs, adorable babies, cute pictures, cooking and baking, reading...especially if the book is written by our beloved Jane Austen. Inspired by our adoration for her lovely books, we've found ourselves putting pen to paper in a fashion after her own in lengthy letters to each other every week. Notice the emphasis on the word lengthy; when we say that, we mean 25 to 30 page letters. :)
Each of us love to share stories or traditions of our families, including smiling and "aww"ing over the way our mama's and daddy's met, fell for each other, later married and had us! :) As we dream of following in their footsteps and "falling" for that special someone ourselves, we scour every thrift store and antique shop within a 30 mile radius. :) Slowly but swiftly adding to our growing "Hope Chest" collections of dishes, picture frames, darling knick-knacks, and other memory making items to one day place in our own homes.
Recently, we've enjoyed several meetings at Panera Bread, chatting while sharing a salad and a Dr. Pepper. As a matter of fact...that's where we are now!! :)
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Miss Rebekah Ann S. said...

Aww, that is so sweet!! I don't know why, but that made me really emotional! lol!! I guess it's guess I'm graduated now and wondering where in the world all my time with you two has gone! It's not as if we're going to be separated this year or anything like that, but it's just crazy how quickly time flies! I love ya'll so much! And I loved what you said about courtship, being in each other's weddings, asking for advice about caring for children, etc. Haleigh and I have gone on and on about the same things exactly! ;)

Love you both lots and lots!

The Heritage Sisters said...

Rebekah, first let me say how excited I am for you! Yay!!! :) The first thing my siblings said was "They are lucky. Now they don't have to do school anymore!". Ben told me that he couldn't wait 'til next year so I won't have to either. :) lol

Aww, I love you too sister!! I don't know what we all would do without our dear, sweet "Meg". :) I have absolutely no intention of losing touch with you, so don't you go and talk of it! lol :) The Lord has blessed me tremendously with such amazing friends like you and Haleigh and Kelsey! I am so thankful for that!!

Love you dear!

Everly Pleasant said...

Hello there,
I'm in the early stages of research for a book about a young woman's role in both the home and society. Would you be willing to let me interview you? I have made up a brief list of questions that I could email if you were interested! Thank you,