Thursday, June 3, 2010

Because it's a beautiful day...

Aaaaaa.. A neat, simple, cheerful, and ever-so quiet house on a Spring day. There is absolutely nothing like it.

...Outside the sun is shining down on a freshly cut lawn, a neatly swept patio, and lightly enhances the blond hair belonging to a couple of the sweetest boys ever to be found. The birds are delightfully singing their hearts out in the trees. Many of the windows in the house are opened, and freshly-cleaned curtains dance gently as the wind drifts in. Beds are made, clothes are at home in drawers or on hangers in the closet as they should be, shelves are dusted and books lovingly placed in their proper positions.
In the kitchen, the sink shines and remains empty until the next meal. The long, beautiful table has been wiped of the day's crumbs, and is now adorned by one bowl of flowers thoughtfully placed by a darling sister. The benches are arranged properly, the pantry straightened, and the mantle holding our dear WillowTree peices lightly dusted to perfection. Each room smells cheerful-springlike and fresh.

The Lord's glory has been ever-present to me as I've watched this lovely day unfold... and I praise Him for his blessings.

As I sit here, all I can think is... has been a beautiful day :)

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