Monday, June 14, 2010

This baby's a drama king.

..but we still love him bunches. :)


Miss Rebekah Ann S. said...

Hannah, Ben Botkin (Anna Sofia and Elizabeth's younger brother) is engaged!!! Woohoo! :) This really is engagement season! haha I just had to tell someone. ;)

Miss Rebekah Ann S. said...

Oh, Creed is SOOOO cute!

Miss Rebekah Ann S. said...

Hope you had a good time on your trip! We missed you today!

Miss Rebekah Ann S. said...

David and Monica Brown are expecting!!!! :D

The Heritage Sisters said...

Hello Beckah!
My,my! You've certainly been busy here. :) Sorry I haven't replied until now, but I do appreciate your dear comments!

Really? Wow! that is so neat! :)

We missed you all too!! But yes, we did have a splendid time with our family. Thanks!! :)

Aww! YAY! that is so sweet! I was waiting for that to happen. ;) Thank you for letting me know!


The Heritage Sisters said...

haha- I meant "Bekah"... :)

Haleigh said...

I miss you sooo much, Jo! The other day, I told mama I thought I was going to have to ride my bike up to your house for a hug. :) You BETTER be there Sunday....:0


Lydia Jane said...

I just had to say...I was visiting your sweet blog and noticed a song playing from the new "Emma". I love that movie!!! Just watched it with my three sisters and I could go on for hours about how good it is.

And your little brother is cute. I have a drama king brother myself =) Don't you love 'em?

-Lydia Rose

The Heritage Sisters said...

Aww, Haleigh! I've missed you too deary. It feels like I haven't seen you in 3 years- when it's really only been like.. 3 weeks! :) Yes, if all goes as planned, we shall meet on Sunday. Yay! See you then dear! <3

Yours (impatiently scourig the mailbbox...):) truly,


The Heritage Sisters said...

oh my... spelling lessons here I come.. *scouring *mailbox.

Forgive my clumsy fingers. :)

The Heritage Sisters said...

~Hello Lydia! Aww, thank you for visiting my "humble abode". :)
I also love the new "Emma"! Isn't it wonderful? I too found so many delightful things to say about it.. I could go on and on! :)

I have to agree! Brothers are the best; especially the dramatic ones. :) Thanks for the comment dear!


Miss Rebekah Ann S. said...

haha Yeah, I know! I thought, "Boy, it's a good thing a bunch of comments won't bother her!" ;) I just had too much to say!

I'm so excited for both couples! And, I, too, have been waiting for that announcement from the Browns! :)

I'm so glad you had a good time! It'll be great to see you again Sunday (and then to have tons of fun next Sunday at the game day!).

Love you,