Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yearly Reminder! :)

It seems I must post a post reminding everyone I still have a blog of my own! :) jk

I just wanted everyone to know that I now have 2 blogs, Nevas Life, and my new one, Neva 'Dele's Photos. Please check them out! I am unable to post pictures on Nevas Life due to problems with our computer. :( But I am constantly adding new pictures to my newest blog!

Thanks in advance for visiting and commenting on my blogs! :)



Haleigh said...

Can you give me a direct link to your photo blog, Neva? I'd love to see it!!


The Heritage Sisters said...

Hey Haleigh! Long time no see! :) Here is the web address to my #2 blog, if you haven't already been there! :)