Monday, August 16, 2010

... alright Neva, I'll post. :) My camera hasn't been used in... {gulp} ...quite a while.... and I believe sister-dear has told just about every interesting thing happening lately in the Morsel home! But I myself got rather tired of opening the web browser only to be reminded of my absence here.

For starters, I could say that "some cute little guy" has a birthday just around the corner! I cannot believe our Rascal is turning 7!!! Remember when I posted THIS? Time has flown by way too quickly [sniff-sniff].

And next I could bring up the fact that my list of music on the blog has grown... but by now you've probably already noticed. :) I've added several new adorable songs and soundtracks! Feel free to scan through, find one you like, and get cozy.

I could also give a random list of delights I've found recently. For example, the book "Phantom of the Opera" was awesome! I loved it... plus, re-watching the 2004 version of the movie and discovering I adore it as well was nice. I catch myself singing bits and pieces of "All I ask of you" or several others throughout my day way too often!

What else do I adore?

> I love listening to my daddy sing this song.

> I love sitting outside under cover of the porch roof, listening to and watching the rain pour down.

>I cannot get enough of my baby brother's sweet smile.

>Discovering a hidden note meant just for me.

>Reading my sister's creative posts on her very well-kept blog. :)

> Seeing the Lord's gift of beauty living through the wonders He has created.

>Writing letters to and fro between a friend.

>Knowing I am loved.

> Dreaming of my future.

>Laughing hard with my brothers at some silly video made by us years ago.

>I love Reeses. A lot.

> Planning a slumber party packed full of movies, games, sweet treats and time with a very beautiful friend!

>Re-enacting the 1850s.

>Recieving a little text from someone sweet at any hour. :)

>Going through my hopechest....

>Beating my brother at a video game!

>Enchanted gardens, magical fairies, and lover's tales.

>Hearing Creed clap and shout "Bubba!!" at the sight of his eldest brother getting home from work.

>The phrases "whoever" and "whats-his-name" {inside joke}.


>Old movies from way-back when.

..and several other things that wouldn't fit on this page.

There's my post for now... at the moment I am being asked by some sneaky little dear if he will get his chocolate ice-cream now or if he should scoop it out himself. :) I must go...



The Heritage Sisters said...

Oh my! A post! :) You know I've been joking about your lack of posts right? I guess i've just gotten so used to posting myself, I thought everyone posts, or should post, as much as I do.;)

Nice one by the way!!! ;)

Your sister dear,

Haleigh said...

Oh my goodness...wonderful post Hannah, dear. :) You made me laugh, giggle, blush(heehee), and tear up all in the same post!

Keep it up1 :)


Haleigh said...

Oh, music from Gone With the Wind!! :)

Is that still on "our list"? :)


Haleigh said...

Oh my gosh! I just scrolled through the rest of your music and stopped on Miss Potter. After talking about it with you (what time was that? :)) I will always tear up at that sweet little tune. :')


The Heritage Sisters said...

Haleigh!! :)

Yes, I thought some parts 'especially' would catch your eye. {was that okay with you?} :)

Oh, the music! Isn't it wonderful?? I leave the page open just to listen to it all. And of course, I also tear up at the "little tune". :)

So glad you stopped by. :)

The Heritage Sisters said...

Our list?? Well of course it is! ....isn't it? ;)

Miss Rebekah Ann S. said...

Love it! :D


Haleigh said...

{sniff-sniff} re-reading over this list made me tear up...again. :') We have made some crazy memories, girl! I hope we make a gazillion more...


{whooooooever's girl!!..haha}

The Heritage Sisters said...

awww... me too. :') I love you girl!