Monday, August 16, 2010

Ok Hannah, I'm sorry...;)

So this is Hannah's sister. The one who did the last post, yeah, sorry about that! :) But it seems Hannah, the author of this dear little blog, has been a slight too busy lately. So I though I would a little post for her. Do ya mind Hannah dear? :)

If y'all do want something to read 'till Hannah does do a sweet post, then click here. (Yes, I'm "advertising"... :))

For a "happening now" thing, my little brothers just brought in a lizard. Then dropped it outside after it started crawling up their arms. After screaming that is...:):):)

Well, maybe this has satisfied you dear readers of Hannah's blog, :)



The Heritage Sisters said...

you are such a sweetie. :)

luv ya!

The Heritage Sisters said...
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