Friday, April 15, 2011


Thank you, Lord, for sisters.

...I love you Geneva!


Haleigh said...

Hi! I just strolled by your little home here, Hannah, and upon being swept off my feet yet again by the sweet music that came to my ears, I decided it was time for me to leave a comment. Do you mind? I didn't think so. :)

So, are you gonna post about me anytime soon? I for one think I'm totally post-worthy. :) hehe. Just kidding. Tell you what...if you have me over sometime soon (you know you owe me) then I'll forgive you for your extremly long delay you've caused in our Diary Of Letters! Humph. If you don't have the next volume to hand over to me with a hug tomorrow...I'll hug you anyway. :)But, I will try my best to act terribly upset!

Also, I got your sweet note today. Have I thanked you for being such an extraordinary friend?! Cause I don't nkow what I'd do without you! xoxoxo :') Love you!!

Okay, now Neva might read this and think, "Why in the world doesn't she comment like this on MY blog? I post way more often that Hannah anyways!" The answer, dear one? You need to set up your blog so that instead of a whole seperate page coming up and having to load when I try to comment on your blog, this little box just pops up and WHAM!, I'm ready to go on and on and on...yeah, do that and I'll be sure to talk to ya more often. For real, things like sitting for 30 seconds longer to wait for some silly page to load stuff the page I've already seen drives me up the wall. So, make my day. (yes, I just quoted Clint Eastwood's mega-famous character and you didn't catch it.)

Love you!!


Why do I keep screaming for no reason? I'm starting to freak even myself out. I'm having one of those crazy/loony/out-of-control/act-like-a-nut-in-public-and-have-every-one-stare-at-you/plain-old-Haleigh kind of days I guess. Yikes! :)

Haleigh said...


Sorry! Hate it when I do that. Dagumit.

Haleigh said...

Have you seen the sweet post from Leah Miller on their blog?! Oh my goodness, I had had one of those moments. You know what I mean, don't you?? Like one of those...yeah, you know what I mean. If you havn't seen that post go look at at NOW!!


Haleigh said...

*at it* not, at at. Grrrr.

Haleigh said...

Note to Neva! Something funky happened over at your blog, deary. It now says I have to sign in with a google ID (which I don't have) to leave a comment. Can you fix it? Pretty please, cause there are a few comments I want to leave!! :) I know you'll fix need me so much. lol

Thanks in advance!


Me Again :) said...

Since Neva's blog is currently shunning poor little ID-less me...I'll comment over here.

Hannah-Dear, if your older camera takes the same battery as my newer one (it might!), my guess is it would be fine to use your charger. Does your charger plug into an outlet, is it black, and does it have an little orange, round light that blinks while the camera charges, and shines steady when it's fully charged? If all the above apply, I say go for it! :) Just don't blow up my camera. lol

Since your using my camera, here's a few "must haves". Okay?

*Take plenty of pictures on the way to the hospital. Those are the best ever1 :)

*Take plenty of pictures while you're waiting at the hospital. Y'know, crazy-can't-wait-any-longer photos.

*Take plenty of pics of little Blessing right after she's born. A couple with your mama holding her. Maybe one or two with your dad.(just kidding, love ya Mr. Morse)

*A good few pics with your whole family crowded around the hospital bed!

*One through the glass of the newborn nursery. :) {oh my word, I'm getting excited}

*And save room for one of me holding Blessing when I come up there to see her!!! :)

Did I cover everything? You really needed to know all that, right? lol


Neva 'Dele said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Haleigh said...

Thanks girl! I freaked out there for a minute. :) Arent you pleased with all my comments? hehe

Off to watch "Jericho"...


Haleigh said...

{place here a variety of upset, aggravated expressions}

Your blog shut me out again.

The laptop won't connect.

If I'm to watch "Jericho" I'll have to do it on the desktop. Bah.

But Hark! "Royal Wedding Week" is on TLC! :)


Neva 'Dele said...

Haleigh...go to your email.

Haleigh Elisabeth said...

I need to change my name so that "Haleigh" isn't the only thing on your comment wall, Hannah. :) Maybe I'll come up with some kind of code name or something. :)

What I wanted to say was that upon trying to comment on Neva's blog, that darned little "this blog blah, blah, blah" came up again and wouldn't let me comment! >:{

Maybe I just need to get a blog so I don't have to deal with this. lol


Creamy Tomato Soup... said...

HA! I couldn't resist! :) Creamy tomato soup {inside joke} is so going through my mind right now, girl.

Nix that last comment, Neva. :) I got your e-mail!


Hannah said...

I was thinking about that all day today. :) I love you girlfriend!!!

Hannah said...

Oh, and I'm loving how popular my comment section has been recently! (Neva has too!) but I'm wondering.... does it have ANYTHING to do with the photo? ;)

Hannah said...

About the camera!

-I found that our batteries are identical, and I'm charging (both of them) right now.

-I'll bring my memory card too.... I just might use all 1100 photo spaces on yours. :)

-You are most definetly welcome to visit her anytime! {after I've had my fill}.

-Do you have any idea how much I've missed having a camera? I'm so upset I can't use mine at this special time. :( Thank you for sparing yours though, dear!

-And you can be sure I'll -at least try- to catch all those moments! :)

Luv you...

Hannah said...

...this is so funny.... :)

Haleigh Elisabeth said...

Today was so much fun! I can't wait til next year. Graduation here I come... Go Class of 2012!!! WHOOOHOOO!!!! :)


Haleigh said...

Hey Hannah. Take a hint, dear! When I keep coming back over here and commenting like this, I'm begging for a post! :)

Make it about me and you get bonus points!! {HA! lol! LOL! lol! hehe >;p} [inside joke]

Your Favorite,