Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day #1

Favorite Character

I was lost when I saw what the first challenge was. There is no way I could simply pick one main Disney character. That's almost like trying to find out which one of my siblings I love more than the others.

uh...I don't do that. :) So I've gone through many of them, and decided I would pick 5 characters that you don't see mentioned all the time to post about. Like characters who are seen throughout movies , and add a little smile to the mix. Here are my choices {and I don't want any bad-mouthing them, ya here?}

Note: If I could, I would post a picture of all of them, but I thought I'd save some for the more important topics. (like my favorite princess or sidekick. Or hero.)


I've always loved "The Little Mermaid" and all the cute little critters. For instance, the crab or the seagull. But Flounder has been a favorite forever.


He's cute. Yellow. Chubby. Cheerful. and shy.

Who doesn't love him?

Prince Naveen

The "Princess and the Frog" is one of the cutest movies. Ever. I've watched it over, and over. But one thing that I really love about it? This guy.

(okay, okay, he is kind of a main character. But I couldn't resist.)

He's cocky, handsome, mischievous, and did I say good-looking? Well, in his human form, anyway. :)

...and I love his accent. Just so you know.

Tiana may have something when she says that they are slimy and gross, but I have to say....

I would totally kiss this frog. ;)


Is there anything else to say here?

He makes me want to hug a skunk.
Flower is one of the cutest characters ever. Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks so.


He makes me smile. A lot.

His hard attempts to please others, his funny giggle, and the way he always seems to mess everything up. I love this chubby little mouse. :)


Mater is just plain ole' adorable. End of story.

Go ahead, tell me what you think. I wanna know who some of your favorites are! :)

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