Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day #2

Favorite Princess

There are all kinds of princesses. We've seen princesses who live in the sea. We know princesses who have been cursed to sleep until kissed by their Prince. There are princesses who were lost at birth and somehow, are miraculously reunited with their family. There are those who dance at great balls, and care for their many animal friends. We know many types of princesses!

But my favorites rethe ones that become a princess. They are brought into the royal family by marrying their Prince Charming. They were not born into a rich or fine family, but lived on little and learned to love many. They dream of far-off places and sing of finding true love.

...And this one did. :)

I believe Belle has been my most beloved Disney princess for as long as I can remember. Her story makes me wish I could be a fairy tale character too.

Belle lives in a "poor, provincial town" full of people who admire her beauty, and tease her odd ways. She lives alone with her father, of whom she respects and encourages for his, though a bit strange, creative endeavors. Her love of books leads her to be dreamy and long for a life of adventure.

Through some horrible situation, Belle finds herself locked into a lifetime with a monster, hideous and frightening to behold. At once, the Beast is touched by her affection toward her father. He finds himself attracted to her beauty and bravery. She's bold, and tries her best to protect those she loves!

As the story progresses, we find that this Beast was not always a horrible creature, but that he was cursed for as long as it takes him to learn to love. As the household strives to lead them to each other, she wins the hearts of the others living there with her care, and curious ways.

Over all, this story makes me cry. :')

I love the fact that she overcomes her fear, and befriends the one many despise.

Her tenderness toward him, and the patience with which she bestows it is the main reason Belle, otherwise known as "Beauty", is my favorite princess.

Care to share yours?

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