Wednesday, May 25, 2011

here I am!

"Second star on the right, then straight on 'til morning."

So... I've been told I need to pick up the pace a little. Yes, I saw your sweet little message, Neva. I realize I'm not talented like you, so I hesitate to post anything. Truly, I believe the problem is coming up with a subject to post about. How sad is that? I live in a large, exciting family, and I struggle finding something worth-while to tell about. :)

After a little chat with a friend this week, I've resolved to fix this problem. I am going to push myself. I'm giving myself a challenge. (again.) No, I will not use my sister's photos and give myself credit just to fill the space. No, I will not give my reviews on movies. I will answer one question, once a day. Sounds pretty eaasy, huh? Here it is, plain and simple.

My 30 Day Challenges

[It will be one of the following. I'm still deciding]

  • Disney Animated Movies

  • Music

  • Random Photo

I don't know what I want to do most... maybe I'll just go through all of them? But whatever I choose, I will be starting sometime either this week or next. So if you are even the least bit interested in reading as I go through these rather ridiculous challenges, tune in then! :)


Haleigh said...

YAYYYYYYY!!!!!! :)


Logan said...

Wow! You've made me proud! I must say, I wasn't expecting such determination!, such passion!, such vigor!, such.....Wow! Actually, I wasn't expecting you to post anything at all. Some freind I am. But now I feel as if I've benefitted society in some way. That's a pretty intense challenge to set out with (needless to say I'm looking forward to the music stuff), so big ups to you, girl!

Keep up the goodness, Your new #1 follower (okay, that's not true, 'cause for the record, neva's is still waaaaaay awesumer than yours, no 'fense),


P.S. Is this just some clever, nefarious attempt to get me to shut up?! If it is - your plan failed. It's foiled. It didn't work. I will continue to give my two cents worth. So there.

Haleigh said...

Give her a break, Logan! Since when do her friends comment and say such things? I would be offended if someone commented on MY imaginary blog and told me to post (over and over) and then went on as you did. I'm ashamed...


Hannah said...

Haliegh-er, *Haleigh*....

..I am comletely fine with him going "on and on" as you said. If I spent so much time contemplating what I could say that would make me look like I'm *all that*... and cramming it into a comment {because I didn't have a blog. boohoo.} than I would want someone to read what I put so much time into.

See, Logan? I an be a good *freind* too!