Friday, June 3, 2011

Day #4

Favorite Prince

Every girl dreams of finding their own dear Prince Charming. [Or at least, I do.] It seems as if every Disney movie I watch contains some dashing young man who sweeps the damsel off her feet. In many of the stories, it is the young lady who marries into a royal family, thus making her a Princess. It's not very usual to find a story where the opposite is the case. But I did. His name is Flynn.... er-Eugene. Whatever you think makes you happy. :)

He's a thief and a scoundrel in the eyes of the law.

He's tall, handsome, and very much a ladies' man.

He's cocky and determined, and has dreams soaring high with riches and anything else he desires.

But then... he meets a woman.

A young, ambitious, and pretty nice looking girl named Rapunzel, who only wants to see the floating lights just once.

He finds himself locked into this rebellious adventure in spite of himself, and this girl helps him realize what is really important.

(And... did I mention that I think he is very good lookin'? okay. Just wanted to make sure I got that across.) ;)

Who is your favorite Prince Charming?

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Lilla said...

I LOVE this movie...soo perfect =) And Flynn is the perfect Prince Charming.