Saturday, June 18, 2011


Our computer hasn't been working properly for the past few days, hence the huge delay in my 'Disney Challenge' posts. :P Hopefully starting this week I'll get back on track!


Haleigh said...

Computer still not working? :(

Can you use the app thing that Neva uses on her blog?

I missed seeing you today! xoxo

Haleigh said...

Missing you terribly.

Been thinking a lot today about all the special memories we've made together...I love you!


nana said...

Miss you too. ;(

Will you be there tonight?

Haleigh said...

Love you. :)

No, we shall not be *there* tonight. :) Logan is getting over that cold I told you about (y'know, the sore throat meds and the shut door? Well, I was right! HA!) Anyways, so no. Will you miss me terribly?? Speaking of colds, is Spencer feeling better? Poor dude. And, have you gotten sick yet?? DON'T!

Oh my goodness. I just found out from Ruthie that the sister she's bringing down with her next weekend is 19yo. I'm screaming. So crazy-out-of-mind excited. Help me! Please pray that both of them will be as willing to be instant friends as I am. :) And that I don't freak them out. lol

Two young ladies right here! In my ROOM! Could it get any better?? :)

Haleigh said...

Hey, you should sneak over one night while they're here!! lol

Haleigh said...

You need to call me so I can scream!! oh my gosh!!

*nanny* said...

You are going to have a whole bunch of fun! And from what I read about them (facebook, ya know :)) they will be just as delighted to befriend you as you are them.

Okay! I'm all for it. What night?? ;)

nana said...

Yes... Spencer (the "dude") is feeling much better. ;)

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