Monday, August 8, 2011

Sisters... and challenges.

I would like to say something to my darling of a sister who has begun a journey, like me, traveling through the world of Disney. So the following is for Neva-'Dele. :)

I was caught a little off guard when I read your blog and found out that you were stealing my idea. Yes, I said it: STEALING. This challenge was set up for me (ME) and I don't take a fancy to you beating me through it all. And I say that you won't. I didn't say can't, just won't. Because I am going to step up to the plate and beat YOU. Uh-huh. I am going to make it through this ahead of you. It is completely fair because you've already made it to the point where I stopped. Girl... this is your challenge. No more skipping days. No more "doubling up" days. If you do happen to skip a day, you can't "double up" the next day. Got it? And you can't pick more than one character. It is called a challenge for a reason. :)

If you do happen to finish before me, it will only reestablish a fact everyone is already aware of; you are a better blogger than I am. Oh yeah... and I will buy you a big ole' package of "SPK's". If we finish on the same day, than we'll call it a tie and pick a new challenge. If I win-well than I get to see a movie of my choice in theaters... your treat. Deal? :)

So... you ready? Day #5 here we come.

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